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Customer Service Is Dead no longer

Local businesses don’t have time for marketing agencies who don’t provide customer service.  We live in a world where human to human customer service is a novelty. Or at least that’s how it would appear when it comes to marketing, advertising, digital solutions, software and really anything related to your phone or computer. When we have an issue today, we’re stuck with email or text support. If there is phone support available,we end up sitting on hold forever.

Most often phone support requires a deep search on the ol’ Google machine to find a human to speak to. In fact, there is now a whole subset of websites devoted to providing support contact information that is often buried on many business websites like Facebook, Instagram, Google and more (See for example).

Simply put, even with an available phone line support, it’s often quite lacking in personal care.

It’s even become humorous fodder in commercials for Discover credit cards like this:

One thing we’re seeing is the digital marketing industry latched on to the idea of automation for customer service very early on and never looked back. From our point of view, that is and was the wrong approach. Digital marketing, whether it’s SEO, Pay Per Click advertising like Google or Facebook Ads, or Social Media must have human-to-human interaction. The interactions necessary to draw customers to a business requires a personal touch. A personal touch is how an agency must represent the brands they assist.

If the agency and customer have no personal interactions, there is no way the personality of the represented business will show to your customer base.

Brass taxes, you need customer-care, not simply customer response. There needs to be active interactions on a  higher level than simply reports sent via email and chat. You need a team of people working on your behalf to implement your businesses vision and personality to the search engines for SEO, Ads and other digital platforms. There’s no denying expertise is necessary to build a better online world.

But if those experts aren’t providing you a human experience in your dealings, there is simply no way that they’re giving your customers a true preview of what to expect when they step through the door or call you to inquire about your services.

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