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Social Media Posting (12 per Month)

$199.00 / month and a $150.00 sign-up fee

With ServiceHoot’s Social Media Posting, you’ll save time and always have intriguing content for your customers to like, love, comment on, and share with their friends and family. Our team writes, designs, and schedules posts across 4 platforms to ensure when your customers find you, where ever they search, they’ll find a vibrant social presence built to highlight the best of your brand at all times!


Every business must exist on social media. It is the latest way customers learn more about what you do. It’s also now the new standard for proof of life. An empty social media profile is no different than walking in to a empty store front on what should be a busy Friday evening. Your customers are making judgement calls every time they step foot towards your digital footprint.
Just like every new digital task like websites, local presence, and online reviews, social media is just another new task to add to your daily list that eats up your time. And as far as we’re aware, there are no more NEW hours in the day.


  1. 12 posts per month (3 per week)
  2. Posting across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin (Business and Personal)
  3. All posts scheduled 2 weeks in advance and available for approval by you.
  4. Interaction – Template responses to Questions, Comments, and All Fan Interaction (10 interactions per month)
  5. Graphic Design – Beautiful, Custom Branded Graphics, memes, and more set on industry-related images or your images with your business logo.
  6. Video Editing – Video is the most effective form of marketing on social media. Send our team video. We’ll add your logo, written content, and cut it down to 30-45 second clips for optimal social media effectiveness
  • 1 video per month for 12 posts/mo and 24 posts/mo.
  • Get a 2nd video per month when you purchase 48 posts/mo.

Client requirements

  1. Images of products/services, location, logos, and other vital business branding
  2. Supply of recorded videos
  3. Completion of a Social Media Ideal Customer Profile so that we focus on attracting the right customer to your business


Additional information

Posts Per Month

12 Posts, 24 Posts, 48 Posts


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