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AdWords PPC Management

From: $250.00 / month and a $499.00 sign-up fee

Month to Month
Option for $50/off per month for FB Ads management
Cancel any time (no subscription refunds)
PPC Management & Reporting
Google Analytics Integration
SEO & Analytics Dashboard access



What is Google AdWords PPC Management?

Hiring ServiceHoot to manage your Google AdWords covers a variety of your needs and objectives.  Generally, we take an “all of the above” approach when describing what we can do for your adwords campaigns and account.

First, we build out your AdWords account around the concept of “budget management”. Budget Management is the concept that at the end of the day your AdWords account spends your advertising money and depending on your goal ServiceHoot manages that budget to deliver the maximum ROI (return on investment). As far as ServiceHoot sees it, your budget is the core factor in determining everything else..”how do we spend x amount of dollars most effectively on Google AdWords campaigns?” Everything else builds from this perspective and informs all other approaches.

AdWords Management Software

There are many tools out there that allow you to set up your account for AdWords bids management.  These can be very expensive on your own and they do not necessarily help you reach specific goals or targets.  But what if you could have the benefits of bid management software along with the customer service and expert approach to maximizing your budget while reaching your goals?

That is the purpose of hiring a company like ServiceHoot for Google AdWords campaign management.

Our AdWords Management Service

Just like everything we do, our AdWords PPC management approach is designed to be “Simple | Affordable | Effective”

Simple: We make it simple for you to hire ServiceHoot to build, optimize, and manager your Google AdWords campaigns.

  • No monthly management contracts – all ServiceHoot services are subscription based.  You can unlink ServiceHoot at any time. Just remember to also cancel your subscription in your account billing area!
  • We work in your existing AdWords account – if you’ve been running an AdWords account ServiceHoot will request access into the account and build our campaigns there.  It’s your account…so it’s your work!  We do not lock you out of anything and you have 100% complete access to your Google AdWords campaigns.
  • We provide reports in your Nest Client Area – Access reports at will from your Nest Client Area.  They’re hosted online for your review!  Ask ServiceHoot to tailor a report to meet your needs and we’ll do our best to make the AdWords report something useful for you.

Affordable: ServiceHoot keeps it’s management prices reasonable because we have a system in place that allows us to effectively manage your campaigns, track work and progress, and report back to the client.  This means we spend less time sifting through data trying to uncover actionable optimization steps and more time implementing changes to meet a goal (which we can then track and measure).

  • No percentage of spend – ServiceHoot charges a flat monthly fee for Google AdWords management services. This helps you budget our cost into your overal marketing budget.
  • Includes marketing technology – ServiceHoot installs AdWords scripts and software within your account and/or website to help protect against click fraud, dynamically track phone calls, create remarketing audiences for Google/Facebook, and integrate reporting for performance tracking and insights.
  • Customer service – Contact ServiceHoot any time for any reason.  Our clients know their Google AdWords Account Manager by name and voice!

Effective: Nothing else matters other than making sure your Google AdWords campaign management is effective and worthwhile.  This means that your business needs to answer more phone calls, follow up on more form leads, or fulfill more online orders.  Wrapping back to our primary philosophy, ServiceHoot focuses on budget management and ROI.

  • Reportable progress – ServiceHoot works with the client to determine what their goals and objectives are.  We set up reports to measure against those needs to report progress.
  • Budget optimization – Our AdWords account structure is designed to reveal what aspects of the campaigns are working and not working. These insights are viewable and provable to both the client and ServiceHoot.  We try to always be able to describe to the clients what is happened get and why…and how it affects the AdWords budget.
  • No strings attached – What can you say about a company that has zero strings attached to their Google AdWords management service? No % of spend. No commitments. No hostage taking of campaign data? We think that says our clients continue to find value and purpose in sticking with ServiceHoot.

Interested in FB Ads Management? Have a WordPress site?
Take advantage of our ADVANCED SOCIAL TRACKING implementation. Included with FB Ads management for clients with WordPress sites. Don’t have WordPress? No worries, we can still implement changes with just some additional work if possible.

facebook ad event tracking

let us make the most of your facebook ads

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